About Me

Amy Mullen has been at the helm of Rosedale Pet Resort since mid-June, after training extensively with Mel (previous owner). A lifelong animal lover with experience working in a dog day care, apprenticing as a trainer, and years of in-home pet sitting. Amy is an Olympia native with a 20+ year career in luxury resort spa and wellness. The location and operation are the same....small dog and cat focused, in-home, with limited space due to the quality of care.


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Pet Resort

My vision is to create a place that treats each and every pet as special as possible. In order to create a home away from home, the pets residing at Rosedale Pet Resort will receive as much love as they would at home. As a pet owner myself, I understand how emotionally challenging it can be for an owner to leave their dog at a dog boarding facility. My personal experience with dog sitters as well as dog boarders has inspired me to create a place where I would feel good about leaving my own precious pets.

Puppy Boarding

Rosedale Pet Resort exists to provide your beloved pet with enriched boarding experience when you are away, by giving pets the things they need most. This includes safe socialization, personalized activities/exercise, and minimized stress.

Pets will always prefer real homes and outdoor play yards over warehouses and concrete. By their very nature, pets NEED proper socialization with people - not solitary confinement! I make every effort to ensure pet owners can relax knowing their pet is receiving wonderful care and socialization while they are away.

As part of my commitment to the safety and security of your pet in Pierce County, I am certified with the Fear Free pet methodologies. You can rest assured knowing that the property is fully fenced with multiple levels of security, and your pet will be monitored regularly to ensure they are acclimating well. 

While some kennels have "cage free" philosophies, I have deluxe "bunkhouses" for each pet to retreat. They have their own bedding, personal space, private play time, daily walks, and receive a complimentary bath. Each of these lends itself towards an enriched ‘dog-cation’ experience, in efforts to make their time here the least stressful for them as possible.

Every cat in our care has access to natural light and ample space to move around and partake in natural cat behaviors. They have weather permitting opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and bird watch as multiple birdfeeders and birdbaths are easily visible from our cabin.

I don't believe in up-selling for human interaction or walks and basic medication administration is complimentary. 

There’s No Place Like Home… But when you have to be away, I want your pet to feel like Rosedale Pet Resort is it's home away from home. I can’t wait to meet you and your pets!

A Pet Boarding Facility You Can Trust.

I like to keep things simple at Rosedale Pet, so my rates are very simple. There's no extra charge for holidays, special diet preparation, socialization, or administering basic medication. My philosophy is to offer a standard of care that I would expect for my own pets. Reach out to me today!