Service For Dogs

We like to keep things simple at Rosedale Pet Resort. We don't charge extra for holidays, potty breaks, walks, special diet preparation or administering basic medication. Our philosophy is to offer a standard of care that we would expect for our own pets. If you feel your pet desires more, please ask and we will be glad to talk further. We do also understand that many families have more than one pet and we believe in offering generous pricing reductions for multiple pets.

Guests will have access to 125,000 square feet of sprawling outdoor terrain as well as the playroom in the main lodge. When it's time to go to bed, everyone sleeps in their private bunk room suite (not cage) complete with comfortable orthopedic raised beds and refreshed water. We are trained in pet first aid, pet CPR, and have current Fear Free certification. We do offer playgroup time for those owner's that are comfortable with that (pending evaluation) based on size, temperament and energy level.

Standard care for all guests:

  • Purposely small occupancy "boutique" so we have appropriate
    dedication to focus on pets, not churn of guests
  • Regular report cards and photos sent via our Rosedale Pet Gingr app
  • Multiple large outdoor play areas with a variety of terrain to explore
  • Opportunity for supervised daily playtime with other dogs (pending owner permission and evaluation)
  • Plenty of individual, private playtime (including daily walks)
  • Specialized attention and care for those who need it (ask us!)
  • Nightly tuck in with final wellness check prior to bedtime
  • Complimentary bath and dry prior to check out so they go home smelling as good as they feel

Please bring a sufficient supply of your own dog food. We do not recommend a sudden change in your dog’s diet. Along with food, please supply written feeding and medication instructions. Don’t be embarrassed to note special things you may do in preparation of the food. We would prefer to keep them on their normal routine. We do stock a high quality complimentary dog food for guests that need it but highly recommend your pet stays on their preferred diet.