Cat Boarding

We like to keep things simple at Rosedale Pet Resort. We don't charge extra for holidays, special diet preparation, socialization, or administering basic medication. Our philosophy is to offer a standard of care that we would expect for our own kitties. If you feel your cat desires more, please ask and we will be glad to talk further. We do also understand that many families have more than one pet and we believe in offering generous pricing reductions for multiple pets.

Cat Sitting

Our spacious, sunlit Cat Cabin in Gig Harbor is dedicated to our feline guests away from our dog guests. The Cabin features multiple windows overlooking a courtyard and even busier bird feeders. Familiar household white noise is played in the Cabin to provide familiar sounds from home. The building is temperature controlled in colder and warm months, along with separate ventilation to reduce airborne contaminants. While staying in our Cat Cabin your kitty will enjoy our spacious and safe cat condos which are designed with natural cat behaviors in mind. Standard features include heated bedding, a built-in feeding/watering ledge, resting perches, and a seperate potty area to ensure privacy and cleanliness. Fresh litter is supplied daily to ensure that even the most fastidious of kitties feel comfortable.  We are trained in pet first aid, pet CPR and have current Fear Free certification. Daily free time to explore, play or just bird watch, will make your beloved kitty's vacation enjoyable.

Cat Hotel

Standard care for all guests:

  • Purposely small occupancy so we have time and attention to focus on pets, not the constant churn of high volume boarding
  • Regular report cards and photos sent via our Rosedale Pet Gingr app
  • Plenty of individual, private playtime, including time in our open air catio (weather permitting)
  • Specialized attention and care for those who need it (ask us!)
  • Nightly tuck in with final wellness check prior to bedtime
  • Complimentary basic brushing