Pricing Update 2022

I’m excited to usher in a new year at Rosedale, and announce some changes for 2022.

As I hope you know, I’ve always strived to provide excellent service for you and your beloved pets. Making sure all clients feel that their pets are in a loving and caring environment is of the utmost importance. My number one priority is that I can continue to provide this level of service for years to come.

The pandemic, some incurred unplanned fees from the beginning of 2021 and overall operations costs rising, has posed new challenges for Rosedale Pet Resort. With this comes an increase in pricing for our services. I will also be simplifying our services menu for ease of booking and management for both myself and customers.

Starting March 1st 2022 the new pricing will be a flat fee of: 

Dogs: $50/per overnight. This is all inclusive and includes a complimentary deluxe bath/dry prior to checkout.

Cats: $22/per overnight.